Here I go again!!!!

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Ok,,,,,dont look at my Messy Garage!!!!!!!!!

About a yr ago I had MetalTech build me a Swing arm for my 350X...I wanted something different...So I went with a +4 350X Swinger with a 86 ATC250R Carrier....Now the 86 carrier is about 20mm wider than the stock X but I was assured that they would be able to correct that. With everything bolted up the first time,,,the sprockets were about a 1/4 inch I had to send it back...They Took the Sprocket hub and turned it down...Dammit! over on .org lives about 10 min. away from this shop in AZ....He took his X over there and they did a test fit before they sent it back....Im crossing my fingers here.....Because this has never been done before(lots of people said that I couldnt) For that reason and the KEWL factor I want it to work... :eusa_doh:

For the Axle I got the Durablue 2+2 in the hopes that I can make up the difference Side to side...If everything goes right there should only be about 7mm difference.....

Since I put my Marvin Shaw Hill Shooter on,,,, the Front Suspension is Lacking too....So,,,,I thought I would correct that with some Progressive Suspension... :eusa_dance:

Wish me luck :eusa_pray:



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Sounds cool. I hope it all works out. Can't wait to hear how is rides if it does.

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