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    • By Inkbybill
      Hi guys.. I have a 1998 Suzuki king quad 300 ,live in NH where I use it in the snow /ice on our lakes to fish in the winter , woods to trail ride ,and lite mud. Looking for new rubber as my KQ. Still has warn out originals . Fronts are 24-8 -11 backs 25- 10-12 .. Was looking for a solid lug for long life but still work well with me kind of riding. Looked on line at many brands but was looking for opinions for the best tire for my $$ . Did fine some nice stuff but not in the small front size ,and I'd like the tread to match ....any ideas ???
    • By shchuck
      Ok i know this is a ford /chevy question but i need some info please
      I have a 2x4 quad and i ride with others that have 4x4 and i need to go with them not fast but slow and fun i am 68 and slow is good for me now we ride on tralis and over land not on trails so any help yould be grate
    • By Rustednuts
      I need to replace the front tires on my '86 Quadsport 230. What kind should I get, Radials or bias ply. I will be doing mostly turf riding in my hay field with 2-3 trips a year to trails up north with mixed terrain. The rear tires are Dick Cepek's that have a tread that looks like a combo of tractor tire and a turf tire. My riding style is not extreme, but can be mildly aggresive. Thanks for your input in advance, Rob.
    • By RockyMountainATV
      Make sure to check this out!
      Crazy deal on AMS Sand Tires!
    • By mat1994
      hi, I have a raptor 700 special edition and I need new back tires. the stock ones ae 20x10-9. I was gonna get some tires with the same mesurements but my friends told me to get som RAZR tires...they are 20x11-9. I told them it wouldnt fit, but they laughed at me ahahhahahah they said they are gonna fit, I thin they wont. whos right... i need help