Rhino 700, 64 MPH on pump gas!

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Everyone should check out this video at Trinity Racing . It is about a new Rhino 700 with:

• Brand New734cc Cylinder

• Pro Ported Cylinder Head with +1 mm Larger Valves

• Heavy Duty Spring Kit with Titanium Retainers

• Machined Clutch Sheave

• Stage III Camshaft

• JE 10.75 : 1 Forged Piston

• Dynatek Ignition

• Stage IV EFI controller

• Complete Top-End Gasket Set

Also a K&N Air filter.

It is running at 64 miles per hour uphill on a 1.5% grade sand road. after it drag races with a stock Rhino on asphalt and smokes the stock Rhino. Great job Trinity Racing!!!!

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55 is fast enough without changing the suspension. 42 is stock, but a few mods and I will have it going 55.

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[ame=]YouTube - Trinity Racing 64mph Rhino 700[/ame]

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      If we had a dollar for every time the question “Which is really faster, the 700 or the 450?” shows up in our inbox, mailbox, or voicemail, we’d be putting this magazine together from a bungalow on a barely inhabited tropical isle named Quadhama.,24942,1603755,00.html
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      Life got the best of me this year and to make a long story short my '11 Grizz 700 has a half tank of gas (w/ no stabilizer) and hasn't been started for around 9 or 10 months. I have apologized to it and promised this will never happen again, but in the meantime I'm faced with what to do to remedy the problem. Ideally I suppose I should get the tank off and drain the gas, replacing with non-EtOH gas (which thankfully I just found in my area).
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      Hi all, my second post here
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      I'm going to check the valve clearance on my 2011 Grizz 700 for the first time and I'm also wanting to check the timing, but I'm not sure how to do it. What tool (light gun?) do I need for this job and how is it done?
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      Feul pump went out. Replaced. At times quad cuts out like its not getting gas. Saw article on new pump needs to be calibrated. Told how to go into a service mode. Does not tell how to calibrate after going into mode. Can anyone shed light on this procedure.