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I have bought a (mid 90's)honda fourtrax 300, 2wd, shaft drive.

First question is the kick start does not always catch, it like every fourth stroke it catches to allow me to kick it over.

Second is, the slider in the carburator is not going up and down, when give gas.

Third is, how to I find exactley what year it is?

Thanks for any help

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To identify the build year, Honda has added some logic to their model names. The last character refers to the year.

Here is the list:

Z = 1979

A = 1980

B = 1981

C = 1982

D = 1983

E = 1984

F = 1985

G = 1986

H = 1987

J = 1988

K = 1989

L = 1990

M = 1991

N = 1992

P = 1993

R = 1994

S = 1995

T = 1996

V = 1997

W = 1998

X = 1999

Y = 2000

1 = 2001

2 = 2002

3 = 2003

4 = 2004

5 = 2005

6 = 2006

7 = 2007

Cant help you on the kicker......

ON your Carb.....It could be that your Cable is Frozen a Bit....Try Lubing it....If that doesnt work I suggest a Good Carb cleaning....Might have some Gunk in there......Or just try a new cable....Shouldnt be more than 20 Bucks or so......

Hope any of these Suggestions help.....


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The kick starter catch is two pieces separated by a light spring that is supposed to collapse when you kick the lever. Either the spring is sticking, or maybe the teeth on the catch are rounded or damaged in some other way. Take the side cover off and isnpect the kick starter, the problem should be visible. As for the throttle, if the throttle moves and the slide does not, either the cable sheath is not anchored properly, there is too much slack in the cable, or the cable is broken. If the throttle is stuck, do what MWKE said.

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just a tip: the first thing I do on old Hondas is change the OIL. It is usually cruddy and low when I get them. It is surprising how many items suddenly function with clean oil....I got an atc90 for the trip cuz it had a knock- it was out of oil!

Like MWKE says, LUBE everything in site! and you'll find you have a better ride than you thot. Hondas are TOUGH, keep em lubed and they are pretty hard to hurt.

adjust the valves too! that's easy. :wink:

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