ATV Tire Sizes

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Unlike motorcycle tires, ATV tire sizes are all based on the English sizing method. An example of an ATV tire size would be 25 X 10 X 12.

Tire Height

The first number indicates the height of the tire when inflated to the manufacturers' recommended pressure, in this case 25 inches from the ground to the top of the tire.

Rim Width

The second number indicates the width in inches of the rim size recommended by the manufacturer, in this case 10 inches.

Rim Diameter

The last number indicates the diameter of the rim that the tire will fit on, in this case 12 inches.

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this is good info to put out there..I know I've questioned my rim/tire measurements from time to time.


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Very good pull.....Im gonna Sticky this thread for Reference and Expand upon it:yes:

10 x 8 3+5 4/110

Wheel Diameter = 10"

Wheel Width = 8"

Wheel Offset = 3" mounting centerline to inside wheel edge and 5" mounting center line to the outside wheel edge

Number of Bolt Holes = 4

Spacing of Bolt Holes = 110" (measured from center of one bolt hole across center of wheel to opposite bolt hole)

Note: Most OEM Wheel Applications have no offset (the wheel is centered over the hub). In these cases, the wheel offset is omitted from the listing.

Most of the bolt applications are in millimeters. You can determine your bolt pattern by measuring from the center of one wheel stud to the center of the opposing wheel stud across the hub.

Next, determine your correct bolt pattern. Convert your measurement from inches to millimeters by multiplying by 25.4. It's that simple.


Wheel stud measurement: 4-5/16" = (4.313")


4.313 x 25.4 = 109.6 mm ==> 110mm bolt pattern

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Trying to find some Quick Reference Charts online........

Its proving to be a Pain in the neck.....

Ill post them as I find them or someone else could share in the task....LOL



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