Any cheap ideas to improve your utility????????

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im looking for some cheap ideas to make my fourwheeler LOOK and RUN better?

got any, share them

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i always liked the looks of a GNCC utility quad

they dont have racks or anything. you can buy a new bumper or hanguards, etc.

performance wise, hmf makes a utility exhaust system.

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remember im talking about something cheap.... since im 14 and have no job

wellll you shouldve metioned that :laugh:

i kno what you mean, i got lucky and had a lazy neighboor hood that doesnt like to cut grass haha

i dunno other than taking the racks off.

theres not many free mods for utes.

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you can start with the air filter.

depending on which you choose thye will run you about 26$ to 50$

Uni air filters has one for 26$

Welcome to Uni Filter.com

here is a 2" lift 40$

eBay Motors: "NEW"- HONDA RANCHER 420, 2" LIFT KIT (item 330292312265 end time Dec-15-08 18:36:00 PST)

ask for an exhaust for xmas. here is an HMF for 230$

eBay Motors: HMF Utility Exhaust Pipe Honda Rancher 420 Black (item 380065838067 end time Dec-18-08 14:25:06 PST)

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if u have the tools i can show u a bunch of stuff u can do at home... u can drill out a hockey puck and put it under ur shock and it will give u an inch of lift and prevent the front from sagging... u can build and underbody kit out if sheet metal some zip ties and a rivet gun mine came out pretty good overlapped the metal looks badarse...if u go for k&n ur gunna need a pre-filter i run that and it gives a good power gain... if u want to improve the sound on ur atv u can cut the tip off and their is a metal plate inside the exhaust that constricts the sound... drill holes inside of it and then weld a 2inch pipe at the end of it of the pipe this gives it a deep throuty sound.. i did all of these if u want the pictures except the exhaust gunna be doing that hopefully soon

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if u want a lift kit go for moose its only 1.5 inch and it wont put as much ware on ur front cvs as a full 2 inch would

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Good luck with all that.....Be sure to post Progress Pics:yes:

I also moved this thread.......Might get a better Hit here.....

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ok ill prolly start off with the filter and then to the hockey puck.

i got all the tools i need.

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