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I have a Suzuki Quadsport 250z that I picked up last summer. I don't know the year of it and I would like to know where to find the serial number of it.

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Should be on engine and frame somewhere, i don't know exactly where, but suzuki uses a ten digit vin number, well i think its ten sets of two. you can find the year online.

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The V.I.N. Number on Suzuki ATV's can usually be found on the frame, in the front, perhaps on a bumper cross strut. Interpretation of this digit is as follows:

a=1980 b=1981 c=1982 d=1983 e=1984 f=1985 g=1986 h=1987 j=1988 k=1989

l=1990 m=1991 n=1992 p=1993 r=1994 s=1995 t=1996 v=1997 w=1998 x=1999

y=2000 1=2001 2=2002 3=2003 4=2004 5=2005 6=2006 7=2007 8=2008 9=2009

Have you looked at the Rear of the Left Frame area......A Little Birdy told me they weld the Vin Plates back there by the Shock mount

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