Helmets DOT vs. Snell vs. ECE -- Help ???

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I’ve done some reading on Motocross Helmets. As I asked an read everything pointed to Snell ratings being more stringent than the DOT ratings. I was at my ATV shop today and saw a helmet that I liked (If forget the manufacturer) that had a DOT rating. I barked a little saying I wanted any helmet I purchased to have a Snell rating. The Tech showed me that it had a DOT rating as well as an ECE rating. He said that the ECE ratings are tougher than the Snell rating.

Any insight?

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What did I buy....??? I'm still reading wink.gif

I purchased a Bell SC-X Python. It's usally around $150.00. I paid $77.00 to the door. It is both DOT and Snell 2005 rated.

One thing I'm challenged with is that it requires some effort to get on my big "melon". I'm told that after 30 days or so the helmet will break in a little making it a bit easier to get on. Also I'm told that it is normal to have to pull the helmet open using the straps. Once it's on it is comfortable and not too loose (which is one of the biggest fit mistakes that users make).

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