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That is a good question. Admin will have to answer that but it sounds like a cool addition to the site.

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that is a good idea u have...usaully i just send them to my email, save them, upload them on photbucket, and then copy and paste the link...if admin could do something like this i would post a lot more pictures:yes:

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Word from the bird is that we don't have the technology as of right now. There are only a few phones that have the ability. And QC is not setup for that.

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      Here are some Shots that I took while I was there....I took over 600 Shots Still Sorting and Fixing....Looking for the Best ones LOL!!!!
      Here are a Few....


      Dirtdog and X053


      Dirtdogs First Recovery Mission

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      I thought it would be neat to see what the trails are like that other people ride. Lets see those pics, here are some of mine. These are just a few of the places I ride, as I get to more this summer I will post new pics.

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      Kinda Race Stuff....Practice day at one of our Local Tracks...Took the opportunity to Hone my Picture takin Skills with the new camera.....

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      Sorry about the link but there are way too many pictures to post again
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