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Replacing The CVT Belt

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Replacing The CVT Belt


Keep your belt healthyEventually in our riding adventures we do wear out certain components on our ATVs. Having staged our "One Bad Mudda" (September '08 issue) in some of the south's deepest bogs, we noticed more and more slipping in the transmission at lower rpm on our Can-Am Outlander 800. This began to get worse until finally the quad couldn't pull its own weight. Stress on the CVT is undeniably huge as this is where the rubber really meets the road before the tires ever turn. Getting the belt in our CVT wet did nothing to help our situation either. With smoke billowing from the awesome Gorilla snorkel kit, we knew it was time to address the problem. Our hope is that this little how-to might help get your machine out of the garage and back on dirt. So here is the short course on changing the CVT belt.

Photo Gallery: Replacing The CVT Belt - ATV Rider Magazine

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