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NOHVCC: Route Designation: How Did We Get Here?

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The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) has announced it will present free webinars this month dealing with route designations in national forests. The webinars - entitled "Route Designation: How Did We Get Here?" -- will be held on July 21 at 10 a.m., July 22 at noon, and July 28 at 6 p.m. All times are Central Daylight Savings Time. Registration can be done at


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    • By Gunny
      Not sure this is gonna post cause I've been hav'in posting issues ... but here goes ...
      Took a ride out to the west desert and rode part of the Old Pony Express Route. Rode out to Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge which was about 67 miles from where I parked the truck. So I did a little over 134 miles, most mileage I’ve EVER done in one day ... so I guess I can't really get on anyone anymore for do'in that kinda mileage in one day ...
      However, the road is a good graded dirt road & I was able to ride between 35 and 45 mph all day. I could have gone faster, but I had a shimmy in the front end at anything above 45 mph. And because I was hav’in to much fun to balance out the air pressure in my front tires, I just stayed under 45 … and never thought about it when I did pit stops.
      I also wanted a fairly flat smooth road because I wanted to set my Speedohealer for my 27.5 inch Pit Bull Growlers. (Corrects speed and mileage for track use and for running larger than stock tires)
      Saw some antelope, some deer and more freak’in people than I could deal with. BTW, when I drove thru the Fish Springs area by the water, the freak’in bugs where bad … got all over my glasses, under my glasses & into my eyes, good thing I ride with my mouth shut !! … and why anyone would want to live out there is beyond me.
      Saw lots of cool country and lots of other side roads, so I need to go out there & do some exploring … before it gets to warm !!
      But it was a great day. Hope you enjoy the “Fast Paced” vid and make sure you watch it at 1080p.
      [ame=]24 Apr 2013 - Pony Express Route Ride - YouTube[/ame]
    • By atvoffroad4life
      i have an 06 rancher 350 full time 4x4, no range select or 2wd option. i also have an 06 rancher 350 2wd, they both have the 5 speed transmission. the engine is completely wore out on the 4x4, the 2 wd runs great, at this moment i cant afford to rebuild the engine, can i take the engine off the 2wd and put it on the 4x4? the front cover on the 2wd does not have a spot for the front driveshaft to come out