1996 Suzuki King Quad 300 cc Choke

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Can someone explain to me how the choke works on a Kingquad? I think (since the cable is not installed / rusted) it's keeping my engine from running right. I may need the whole new plunger assembly but can't find one online. If I can fix the cable, all I would need is a new spring.

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The choke restricts air flow basically at startup while the engine is cold. It will not run right if you can not adjust it. Replace that cable.

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ajmboy, that style of chokin is very common for the older style Honda bikes, which would have a metal plate that would try to block off (choke) the air suply in to the motor making it rich.

the other method is to have a choke cable that pulls back a choke plunger that opens a small passage directly from the fuel bowl to the innlet manifold, where a small amount of straight fuel can enter the intake manifold and richen up the fuel mix.

this plunger only has a very small spring to return the plunger to the off possision.

it is common for either the cable to seaze up with rust of mud, or the choke plunger its self to become clogged up from dirt (that comes from the cable...) and seazes up the choke plunger.

normaly on the ltf300 the choke cable can be lubed up and will work again, but the spring can be so rusty and yucky that it is best to replace it.

right now if you have the entire choke plunger removed???

you have extra air flowing from the hole where the choke plunger would be living and blocked off by the black plastic cable holder that screws in to the carbi.

this air is making the bike alot leaner but also making the bike idle much higher, and most likely hard to start.

is there a suzuki shop that can order the cable and new spring for you anywhere there?

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