September 2009 Profile Design Contest!

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September 2009 Profile Design Contest

Sponsored By:


Prize: QUAD MAGAZINE and UTV OffRoad Magazine Subscriptions

Please visit our sponsors: QUAD MAGAZINE and UTV OffRoad Magazine

Rules: Submit your custom designed profile page link into this thread. You may adjust your profile any way you like and also use the new custom designer located here: Profile Design Page


You must submit your link like this:

Contest entery: www.quadcrazy.com/membername

Even after you submit your link, you may edit your page. You may edit it up until September 26th. You may NOT edit it from September 26th - September 30th! If you edit it during these days, you will be disqualified.

Voting will take place Setember 27th - through September 30th with a screenshot to your page and link, within a new thread.

NOTE: No minimum post count to enter into this contest! We would like to see participation from all members and make it easy for anyone to enter!

Last day to enter into this contest is September 26th.

Voting will take place for the last 4 days of September to determine the winner.

Voting will end September 30th and the winner will be announced!

We're looking for the BEST designed profile. The BEST pages will be featured!

View Past Contest Winners

Good Luck!

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I'm surprised that more people are not taking advantage of this....not that many entries. Better for us! :yes:

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joet82's ATV Page » QUADCRAZY ATV Community

Here's my entry for the month. Only 2 weeks till i take off for my road trip, let me know if you want to ride when I'm in town. I'll be going from CA-WA-MT-CO-TX-CA between Sept 25 and Oct 20. Bot and Drtygrl and I are riding in CO on the weekend of the 9th of oct. We'd definitly like to make it a quadcrazy ride. let me know.

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