1998 Honda trx300 shifting problem

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I have a 1998 2wd trx300. After it warms up--riding for 3-4 minutes--it wont shift correctly.

I can be in 2nd or 3rd gear and it starts loosing speed but the engine rpms are still up. It feels like something may be slipping!?? I would appreciate any help or ideas. :aargh:

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time to adjust the clutch, no big problem unless you neglect it. If those plates smoke out you'll be changing the clutch. hopefully it justs needs to be adjusted. owners manual [on bottom of seat usually] will tell you the specifics of that model.


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it is one of the clutches it sounds to me like it is the centrifugal clutch but try to adjust the other first you can not adjust the centrifugal just replace it its not cheap unless you get a good used one

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oh a 300ex i thought it was one of utility 300 if its a 300ex it must be the clutch plates there is no adjustments u have to just replace them not just take side case off and its like 5 or 6 screw bolts that hold therm in dont forget to buy a new side case gasket

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