Any body know about a 2002 440 Canonndale????

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i have a 2002 canonndale 440. I no nothing about cant find anything on the net please point me somewhere. It needs an alternator but i dont no where to get one. What are they worth please help

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I posted in the other thread, try these guys: Have you looked at these guys: http://www.rsperformance.net/

I just tried nada: Used ATV Prices, ATV Value » QUADCRAZY ATV Community but got:


Look around online, craigslist, etc..and see what others are going for. I just googled and didn;t see much: Google


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Try these sites out. They should help

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I have a 2005 atk-cannondale moto Iwill sale for 1500 you can have all kinds of extra parts you can contact me 904 509 7200 price is not negotiable and i'm not sellling parts off of it my name is tony

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Try BlackWidow atv.com. I have bought some parts from there recently and they seem to be very knowlegeable.

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      So i started with the tear down tonight and made it to getting the valve cover off. First thing im going to check is timing. Just looking at the cam everything looked good but i notice the decompression mechanism is sloppy and loose. The spring and plunger look okay but i can wiggle the whole mechanism and spin it around the cam. Is this normal??
      also, anything that i should be looking for right of the bat? im planning on checking timing first just to make sure its in speck and then im going to pull the head off and see if i can see anything else. If nothing then ill pull the jug off and hopefully that will tell all.. Im really hoping i find the problem sooner than that but i have a bad feeling im not going to.:aargh: