Duro Powergrips VS. Maxxis Bighorns

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What is your opinion is it worth paying the extra $ for the name brand Maxxis Bighorns or would you save your $ and go with the off brand Duro Power Grips? They are both 6ply rated and both Radial tires does any one have either of these or have a opinion thanks!

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They look almost the same, both are 6-ply, I would think that you would do alright by buying the Duros. If it were my decision, I would save some cash by going with the Duro tires.

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Thanks for your info any of you have any suggestions on where to find the best price on them??

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I've had both. This is the low down. Duro's are good tires for the price. Bighorns are a better tire for more. That's the bottom line. Bighorns have a tougher sidewall and are less prone to splitting on hard hits. Bighorns wear better. You will get 1000 more miles out of the Bighorn's. Duro's run small, and Bighorn's run big. A 25" Duro is 25" new and fully inflated. They have a 1" tall lug and when the Lug is half wore down you are running a 24" tire at that point. Not sure about the 25" Bighorn, but the 26" Bighorn runs 26.7 inches tall when new. Bighorn's run about $30 more per tire.

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      Maxxis Big Horn Review:

      First thing I noticed upon mounting these tires was how much bigger they were than most 25'' tires. They measured around 25.5'' with 4PSI in them. They are close to 26'' with 6-7PSI in them. If you are considering a set of Big Horns definitely take the sizing into consideration.
      These tires are on the heavier side. Although I did not notice much of a power difference.

      Mud Performance - In the mud these tires do well but not great. Although, keep in mind they are an all terrain tire and not a mud tire specifically. If you are going to Big Horns from stock tires the Big Horns will spin circles around the stockers in the mud all day long. I have not been able to get myself stuck with them yet during normal trail mud riding.
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      Woods Trail Performance - This is where I found the Big Horns to be most at home. They grip up like glue on logs and go right over them with no hesitation.
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      Sand Performance - Excellent tire in the sand. My stockers used to spin and dig in. They float on top and get you moving!
      Overall Performance - I am extremely impressed with this set of tires. So far they show no wear with 1000 miles on them. After I have 3000-4000 miles on them we will know for exact how well they wear. But so far so good!
      Mud Performance - 7/10
      Woods Trail Performance - 10/10
      Snow Performance - 8/10
      Sand Performance - 10/10
      Overall Performance - 9/10