1993 350 TRX no electrical power

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I was just given a 1993 350 TRX 4trax. It had been in storage 4 years. Still had gas in it and the battery was long past dead. drained the old gas, cleaned the carb, new oil and filter. i boosted the unit and it started up first push of the button, but would not run long, stupidly I boosted it several more times as i ran it around a field. Quit altogether. Read later that if the voltage went under 5 volts the fuel pump shut down. Next day got a new battery, but the neutral lite would not come on, so no start, no nothin. checked the wires all seem okay, read that if u grounded the neutral wire to frame it would bypass the safety switch and start but the light would stay on, tried this NADA. Crossed the starter relay and it engages the starter so there is power, meter reads 12.5 V. I'm at a loss, can anybody help. :huh:

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A new switch is pretty cheap, there might be two, but even then, it should only be about $30 for the both of them. You could ground the switch out an effectively bypass it to make sure that it is the problem.

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