May 2010 ATV Photo Contest - Vote!

May 2010 ATV Photo Contest - Vote!   22 members have voted

  1. 1. May 2010 ATV Photo Contest - Vote!

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May 2010 ATV Photo Contest Vote

Theme: "Best Group Photo" with your ATVs, 3 wheelers, or UTVs."

* Does not have to be your machine(s), but you must have ownership to the photo, consent from the owner(s) of the machines to photograph them, and permission to use the photo on www.quadcrazy.com.

Prize: $25 Gift Certificate to Rocky Mountain ATV/MC & UTVOffroad Magazine (1 year subscription)

RMlogo.gif utvmag.gif

Rules: Submit your "Best Group Photo" with your ATVs, 3 wheelers, or UTVs." by entering it with a post, into this thread. (If you are not familiar with how to do this, visit the Learning Center) One photo per member allowed, so make sure it's a winner. You may submit photos that have not won past contests. Photos can be of yourself or taken by you. You may not submit photos that you do not have ownership of or permission to use. Any violation of these terms will result in disqualification.

Voting will take place for the last 4 days of May to determine the winner.

Voting will end May 31st and the winner will be announced!


















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This thread has been cleaned up. Robotech, I have pulled your entry per your recommendations. Our moderators opinions are not an official word from QUADCRAZY. However, I feel that the direction this contest discussion was going was ruining the contest and future contests.

Our moderators should be taking these conversations to a private message, I will speak to our staff about this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Voted for Mywifeknowseverything because it is the largest group of peopel and I like it!

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