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Hi folks

On-line from Northern Ireland here so hope you don't mind helping out someone on this side of the Atlantic!

I have a TRX300FW which was starting on the button but now will not kick into life at all.

It seems to be sparking OK when i turn it over with the plug out and holding it against the head. I have taken off the fuel tank and flushed it out and put some fresh petrol in again.

When it was starting last week it would only seem to start the moment you actually lifted your finger off the button - if you held the button in it would not start and now it will simply not fire up at all.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Welcome to QUADCRAZY! Always nice to see people from other ocountries besides the US on here. Sounds like it's flooding, have you checked the choke operation?

What year is this?

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I am not too sure what the year is - where can i check this - I have just ordered a workshop manual for the quad which will help me to do a more thorough check - how can i best check the operation of the choke - is it just to see if the cable is moving the choke pasts in the carb.

My next step was going to be stripping the carb down to give it a good clean - i did have a good look when it was still attached and it looked very clean from what i could see but there may be some dirt inside.

the engine was starting just fine until the bike had a 2 hour trip in the back of a van to get here and then some petrol was added and it has not been starting good at all since that.

Thanks again for the help

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I think you may have some trash or varnish in your carb. Make sure both jets are clear of dirt and gunk.

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first ,take the plug wire off the plug,leave your plug in the bike,take another plug anput in your plug wire,hold it close to the block,see nif you are getting fire through the plug when you turn the motor over if it is fireing clean your plug and carb jets reset air to carb if you have good compression it should start

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