2004 Eiger 400 has no spark

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plug is fine, we've checked the stater, fly wheel, coil, ignition, and still can't get it to start I got a 400ltz CDI to try becuz we think its the CDI but when I plug the new one in it pops fuzes...can i use it or am i missing something else? any help would be appreciated

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It probably pops fuses because the LTZ CDI is different than the one for the Eiger. Even if it did "work", it wouldn't run right because the LTZ probably has a much more aggressive timing curve.

Check the connection between the plug boot and coil wire, the boot should screw right off. Make sure there are good clean strands of wire at the end for the boot to get good contact with. Also, you might try tracing power from the battery, all the way throught the entire ignition system, make sure to check the key and kill switches. Check for loose connections, damaged wires and loose grounds.

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