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1998 Honda Recon Replacement Tires

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Going to have to get some new tires for my '98 Recon. I have read somewhere about the feasibility of larger tires. anybody have any experiences with using larger tires? I know that there is a limit on how much larger you can go. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you, martin

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Really depends on what you want to achieve. I woudl sugest a set f tires that are bit more aggresive than stock. You canalso get a set of tires and rims as a package.

* Added year, make, and model, into your thread title.

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You can go with aftermarket 12 inch rims and 23 inch tall tires. Swamp fox for that swop. Mudlites , swamp lites are a couple of ones that can fit your stock rims.

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