04 Honda 250 ex carb issue

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ok so im in the army and today was the first time in 3 years that i tried to start my quad.

i put fuel in it and it started to leak from a fuel line at the bottom of the carb. now of course it stopped when i turned the fuel off.

now usually when i was riding it several years ago the only time it would leak would be when doing wheelies or whenever its on the back bumper.

oh also its leaking from that line and not firing, its getting fuel from the main line and its getting spark.

just not sure why the fuel is pooring out and its not firing up.

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Fuel will form gummy and sometimes hardened deposits when it sits for a while. Sounds like whatever fuel was left in your carb, and it doesn't take much. Has done just that. The reason that fuel is leaking out of the carb is because the float is stuck down and not rising to stop the fuel when the bowl gets full as it should. The reason that it won't start is probably because the jets are clogged. What you need to do is take the carb off the bike, take it completely apart and clean EVERYTHING, every nook, cranny, crevice and passage. Torch tip cleaners, carb cleaner, wire brushes and compressed air will be handy.

Good luck, and thank you for your service to our country.

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thanks will do just that, will keep ya posted.

no thanks needed. just doing my job.

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You are welcome, and I will look forward to hearing how things go. As far as just doing your job, that may be so, but it is an important job, and we Americans (most of us anyway) appreciate what people like youself have done for our freedom over the life of our country.

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