What kind of exhaust should i get for 400

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I have an 2005 Honda 400ex it is the Yellow edition.. I was wondering if the pro circuit is the best exhaust for torque and power?... And I was wondering why they did the yellow for only one year?



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I have a 450, but Curtis Sparks makes an amazing pipe for the 400EX. HMF makes AWESOME pipes, FMF is another great brand that doesn't break the bank.

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hi i have fmf on my 400ex and it sounds very well. dont tink dere is much between dem power wise :)

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Be careful how much noise they make! Many states are enacting new, lower noise limits. Oregon, for example is 99 statewide and 93 at the dunes. They are soon to go 93 statewide!!! that makes MOST aftermarket pipes worthless..... so be careful you dont waste your money. You might check with a local ATV club and see what's planned for your state...

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      Hi everyone,
      I have a question, if the starter clutch gear looks fine but is still not working correctly then all I should need to replace is the one way bearing, right?
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      Just picked this up over the weekend;
      2001 400ex starts and runs great with fairly new rubber, nerf bars, aftermarket subframe (needs a grab bar), aftermarket bearing carrier & LEX MXe exhaust. Needs bushings and bearings front and rear. Oh yeah and it's got alum wheels too.
      It may be leaking at the bottom of the cylinder on the carb side (cleaned it all off and ran it/road it for an hour or so but didnt see any sign of oil or leaking and needs the chain replaced. picked it up for $1200
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      I have a 07 trx 400ex. I had issues with the shifting. It would shift up to 2nd then hit a roof and go no higher. I took it apart and split the case. The shift drum works fine when shifting by hand or with pliers. But when you use the gearshift plate and shifter it will not move. Any ideas?
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      i have an 06 400ex, just put on an hmf slip on exhaust, uni air filter with the airbox lid on, new spark plug, 42 pilot jet, and i started with a 160 main and when i checked the plug it looked a little dark so i switched to a 155 main. both jets ran perfectly fine. should i adjust the a/f screw and see what happens?
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      i have a 2002 honda 400ex, i rebuilt the top end and had issues for weeks not realizing that i had lost the decompression spring and plunger. i finally got new parts and got it back together. it ran great... i took it out for a good solid run rather than just running it in the garage, i made it a good half an hour or so before there was a loud almost knocking noise then it suddenly died, after 15 minutes or so it started right up with no knocking or anything so i thought we would work our way back toward camp, after a few minutes it did the same thing, i might have made it a mile, after it cooled down i got it to start again and then i made it back to the truck... after getting it home i tried starting it and it cranks over and sounds like it wants to start but wont kick over, i re lashed the valves, double checked the timing, checked for fuel and spark... i got it to start once but it just did that same knocking noise while idling and i was afraid to rev it or anything then it died after a minute and i cant get it to start again.