want ltr 450 quadracer (should i get one)

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I have an '07, and I love it. It is a bit heavy, but you get sturdiness in exchange for that extra weight. Also, even though it is heavier than the other 450's it still hauls ass. I don't think it is a coincidence that the last two GNCC titles and the last 3 AMA ATV MX titles have been taken by riders on an LT-R. It is a bit wide for trail riding, but I have gotten used to riding it in the woods, if you ride on tracks or more open areas, the extra width is nice. The one thing I don't like, is that it is kind of a pain to work on. Everything is crammed pretty tight in this machine, on the other hand, I know that the Honda 450 is much easier to work on, everything on that machine is pretty simple and easily accessible.

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My friend has one and he says it was just vibrating like crazy. Personally I don't know, but other then that I agree there pretty awesome right off the showroom floor.

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The LT-R is a great machine, DD about the Suzuki racing teams, they also have the top 4 riders in the 2 catagories of racing.

The only "negative" thing I have seen on the LT-R is that if your battery is not charged 100% the fuel injection won't work. My buddy left his key on, drained the battery. There was no bump starting it on the trail.

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True, they do have some great riders, but those riders also never took home championships in previous years when they rode different machines. Creamer never won on a Kawasaki, and Borich never won on a Yamaha. Another thing to note, if you look at the GNCC standings, the only other Suzuki rider never placed higher than 10th and only placed 12th overall. However, Borich won 11 out of 13 races and placed 2nd and 3rd in the only two races he didn't win. Also a fact that more riders ride Hondas and Yamahas in any style of racing.

I was warned about keeping the battery in shape by the dealer when I bought mine, just for that reason. They recommended that I put the battery on a trickle charger once a month and to turn the key off anytime the motor isn't running so the fan doesn't drain the battery. I haven't had any problems even though I have never put it on a charger, but I haven't left my key on either.

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After 14 years of not riding ,I started again last year.I got a great deal on a 07LTR and have ridden

in alot in the desert .Great Quad I could not be happier .Good Power and great handlin g

A friend works for Yamaha and has a couple of the YFZ 450s.He likes the Ride on mine better

Do your homework set it up right and RIDE!!!

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    • By Wastedfun
      Hello everyone. My first post as a new owner to my first atv. I have a 2012 Kymco Maxxer 450i, which as I have found, is basically an Arctic Cat 450 xc.
      I just bought the atv and will be bringing it home from my cousins house, where i stored it after my first river test run, tomorrow. During my test run, I got it in about a foot to foot/half of water and got the belt soaked, and of course lost all power. I was able to fix it by popping off the cvt exhaust tube and revving the engine a bit, but this is a problem I need to fix...Before next weekend...I have a big river trip planned that will last the whole weekend.
      So, the AC/Kymco sucks in water...and for the life of me I cant seem to find a good video or guide on how to snorkel it. Am I to assume everyone just goes at it blind and just figures it out as they go? I dont want to pay $200 for someones pre-packaged pvc tubing, but it would be nice to find something that covers this topic.
      Tomorrow after work I will get a better idea of it once I have it in my garage. But I want to also know, do I have to snorkel the intake and exhaust vents? should I worry about the airbox as well? I actually have only seen the cvt exhaust vent so I dont know where the others are taking air from.
      I would love to see some examples of people snorkeling their AC/Kymco atvs so I can kind of plan where I should run my tubing. And I want to try and avoid cutting into my plastics...if possible.
      I also cant seem to find a replacement for the rubber hose that comes off the cvt, just encase I want to cut it and put it back to stock later to sell. Id like to see how much they cost first lol.
      Aside from this main questions, any tips or tricks I should know about this model before I spend the weekend putting it through hell? Should I run premium fuel?
      Yes, I am a noob to all this. I have ridden many ATVs, I have just never owned one. My cousin has like 7 or 8 of them so I have always been able to ride his. Now its time for me to learn lol.
      Thank you!

    • By dblbassdrumer
      [/ame] only when u pull back in the clutch does it make this noise and wanna take off
    • By higdon87
      I have a 2006 ltr 450 the starter is out on it but you can roll start it 2 days ago i rode it took a lil longer than normal to start but it started and rode just fine. Put it in the shed went to ride it tonite was even harder to start but finally got it started. When you go to hit the throttle it cuts out then it clears up and then would be fine if you bumped the throttle or was about half throttle. If you went full throttle it would bog down spit and sputter and the longer you did it would lose power gradually until it finally died. Any ideas on what it could be thanks in advance and this is my first 450 fuel injected quad
    • By deadrider
      I have a kq 450 4x4 that I an have a problem with.the bike does not want to move.i am not very familiar with the sheave or clutch that it has on buddy who owned it beat on it prolly never maintained it just so that's out there. The belt is fairly new primary and secondary clutchs are pretty ruff looking the rollers are toast I think but idk. Everything moves fine except for the primary it moves but does not push in to move the belt only at a high rpm will it move sometimes any clue on what it could be other then going out to spend 6 or 7 hundred on a whole new assembly of the clutchs