2000 Suzuki Quadmaster 500 four wheel drive pops out of gear

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When my atv is put in 4 wheel, it makes some growling noises and then kicks itself out of gear. Has anyone had the front end apart with a similar problem?

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yes i have. i have the exact same machine. you will most likely need a complete front diff rebuild. if it pops out of 4x4 then either the lock up sprague or the detent ball and spring aren't working. At any case I highly recommend pulling the diff out and pulling it apart before you have a catastophic failure. I left mine to long and it cost me a complete front end. Send me a comment if you need any extra help. I would purchase a factory manual for the machine. i have both and the clymer one tells you squat for info.

your friendly neighbourhood mechanic.

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A bent shift fork may be a possibility too, but if you only have the problem when you shift into 4wd, gearhead may be right. Good luck.

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      Hey all,
      I'm new to this site and to CanAm/Bombardier atv's. I purchased this quad local to my area and shortly after started noticing a knocking noise from the bottom end, which I've been told may need a rebuild.
      The atv is complete, but I'm now looking to part it out, unless someone knows where I can get the bottom end rebuilt for a decent price.
      I can take some pics of the quad and upload. If you need parts off of it, let me know and make me an offer.