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New 3" DVD player - Alpine amp - Polk Audio 5x7 - 6" Bazooka subs - 3" weather proof speakers mounted under the dash









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That is awesome. I want to do that to a utv and use it for fun so bad. How hard is it to wire them and where do you hide your wire so it isn't visible to people

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    • By data89
      :huh:I left my Cat sit for several months while I visited the "States" for summer in WI. Battery had been removed. When I got back here to Panama and on the road again, I occasioned to find that the winch was non-responsive. Now, we have quite a bit of humidity here during the rainy season (it was doubly covered with tarps) and I'm guessing corrosion of contacts or wires.
      I've cleaned all the connections, except the rocker switch and solenoid are sealed. No luck. Shouldn't I be able to run 12v directly to either the large diameter blue or yellow wire on the winch and see if the winch itself works? I got spark, but no function.
      2nd question: I have an 8 post solenoid and I know the part # is 0409-066 and it is a Warn winch made for Arctic cat, but, I cannot find a model number on the winch so I can look up a wiring diagram. Can anyone possibly tell me which model winch I likely have? 2005 500LE automatic Arctic Cat. Or which winches use the 8 post solenoid? I have not been able to find any diagram of Warn winches that use an 8 post solenoid (lots of winch diagrams are available).
    • By Ajmboy
      How to Winterize an ATV
      (I can't take credit for this, as I pulled this info off of ehow, but it is very good tutorial..)

      "Outdoor enthusiasts who live in Northern regions often store ATVs during the wintertime. Ice can damage the engine. Road salt is corrosive and can erode the undercarriage. Winter storage is a good way to extend the life of your ATV. You can learn how to winterize an ATV quickly and simply yourself, and never pay expensive shop charges to winterize again."

      Instructions & Things You'll Need:
      Gas stabilizer
      Oil filter

      1. Wash your ATV. Scrub every inch. Use an old toothbrush to reach tight areas. Mud and oil can eat away at surfaces over time. Good ATV maintenance involves thoroughly cleaning your ATV before storing it for the winter. As an added protection, hand wax your ATV once it's dry.
      2. Change the oil and filters. This keeps excess dirt from settling in your engine.
      3. Put gas stabilizer into the fuel tank and top the tank off with fresh gas. For best results, use premium gasoline. Run the ATV for a few minutes to allow the stabilizer to work through the carburetor. Shut off the motor and turn off the gas valve. Oil the chain.
      4. Disconnect and pull out the battery. Charge it if necessary, and clean the terminals. Store the battery in a location where it cannot freeze. A heated breezeway is preferable to a cold garage. It's important to keep the battery stored out of the reach of children. Battery acid is dangerously corrosive. Store your ATV's battery on a high shelf or locked in a cabinet. Do not store it directly on concrete. Concrete causes power drain in batteries.
      5. Push the ATV into a shed or garage. Do not store ATV's outside in winter climates. Place the ATV up on blocks and fill the tires to the correct psi to keep them from weather cracking. Expensive jack stands aren't necessary; cinder blocks or heavy plastic milk crates work just fine.
      6. Cap the exhaust. To a mouse, it looks like a fine winter hidey hole.
      7. Tarp the ATV to keep excess dust and vermin away. If desired, leave an open can of auto wax on the floor under the tarp. The smell repels mice, chipmunks and other small pests.
      Read more: How to Winterize an ATV | eHow.com
    • By SD400exGirly
      Desert season is over for the year and I need to store my quad in the garage till next season. I am not sure what the best way to store it is. Do I need to drain the gas? Should I do and oil change now or wait until right before my first ride next season? This is my first quad and I am learning as I go.
    • By southernillinoiatv
      Put a lot of time and though in this i build stereos everyday i wanted something a little different heres what i came up with.
      FM radio Mp3/Ipod ready remote handle bar mounted controls red/blue strobes mounted in the tubes.

      What do you think?