1998 Honda Recon valve adjustment HELP!!

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i have a 1998 honda recon. that i completely rebuilt the top end 2 weeks ago and now it has a ticking sound, pretty shure is the valves, but dont know how to adjust them, any help wudd be good, or any speks , thank u

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There should be an adjustment screw and jam nut that sit right on top of the valves in the rocker arm. Loosen up the jam nut slightly so you can turn the adjuster screw, when you have the screw properly adjusted, hold it still, while carefully re-tightening the jam nut. You will need a feeler guage and the valve clearance specs to do this properly. The specs may be in your owners manual, if not, you should probably get a repair manual anyway if you work on your own machine.

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the annoying part there is getting to it! you gotta remove all that plastic! and don't lose any of those little black attachments!

It could be worse- it could be a raptor, where you start by removing the headlights....:yes:

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