1992 Honda Fourtrax TRX 300 A; Moose Hand Shifter

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In my opinion, no. I think that your hands should leave the bars as little as possible, you never know when you may be suprised by something like a stump or rock hiding at the edge of a trail. You definately want to be holding on with both hands when things like that happen. BTW, there are different TRX 300's, could you specify your model so we can add it to the title please.

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well i thinking about useing it just in the winter when i'm pushing snow because of the thicker boots i got to wear and they don't shift very good and it is a 1992 honda fourtrax trx300 2x4

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In that situation, I guess it would make things eaier on you. Plowing snow is one thing, I just would not recommend one for off-road/recreational riding. Concerning the model, a TRX 300EX techincally fits your description, it is a 300cc Fourtrax 2x4, however, the EX is a sport quad. I am assuming that your machine is a utility type quad. It should have a model name like TRX 300 A or TRX 300 AN, do you know which one it is?

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