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Hey all, I'm considering changing up the stock bologna skins that came on my 550 Grizzly for something a little more beefer and better for mud. I don't do a lot of mud at the moment - but there are times...

My brother has Maxxis Mudzilla's on his Grizzly and is really happy with those. I've found that they do raise the center of gravity and tend to make the bike feel a little less stable. Maybe that would be just my getting used to it... He has a 700 Grizzly

When looking around on forums quite a few people recommend the Mudlite XTR's praising the tire's ability in the mud and the long lasting wear of the tire.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Could you suggest another tire that I should be looking at? Most of my riding is trail riding but I do encounter mud.

I plan to also use the bike quite often in the winter snow as well.

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When I bought my Mud Pro it came stock with 28"x9" Zilla's. Really happy with them. With the narrow profile and aggressive tread pattern, they dig in untill they find traction, and also work the same way in deep snow. They also ride nice on the hard pack, with the overlapping tread pattern.

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So I was pricing out tires and my Yammy dealer had a set of Mudlite XTR's on black SS rims... They're gonna look great on the bike. Hope they handle as well they will look.

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