1986 Honda TRX 70 carb settings need help

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bought a little 70 last year for my kids and it only runs ok with choke full on. as soon as choke is off it wants to die. have been trying to adjust carb settings and now runs with choke off but always seems to want to die after letting off gas. please help!!!!!!!

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I am going to move this to the Honda forum since this is more of a techincal problem post than the beginning of a project. Feel free to post a project thread if you like, tell us how it started, post before and after pics, update on any progress, stuff like that. BTW, I responded to your message, you can reply to me directly if you like, but there are alot of smart people here one of our new moderators has been a Honda and Yamaha tech for years. So you may have better luck posting in this forum so that we can get some other brains in on the action.

I also noticed that there is a stickied thread in this forum with some manual downloads, it would be worth a few minutes of your time to browse through the list and see if he has the one you need.

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