The Ultimate Baja 1000 Racer

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The Ultimate Baja 1000 Racer

By Brian McCune

Mar 22, 2007

Racing the Baja 1000 is no easy task; riding the quad by yourself the entire length of the race is pure insanity. With only half of the starters even finishing the event, it takes an ultimate quad and an ultimate rider to attempt to solo this grueling course. Richie Brown did just that and he finished the race in 39 hours. With dependability and comfort in mind, he built his Honda TRX450R into the ultimate Baja quad.

1. Maxxis Razr 2 Tires

Brown relied on the Maxxis Razr 2 for their enhanced cornering ability. The Razr 2 comes standard with a six-ply rating for maximum puncture resistance. They are made especially for demanding off-road racing like GNCC events, but work great in the desert, as well. According to GNCC champ Bill Ballance, the Razr and Razr 2 offer the best setup for the serious cross-country racer on every track and in every weather condition known to man. ($487; http://www.maxxis.com or call 800-4-MAXXIS)

2. AC Racing Nerfbars

When racing for 39 hours (or even 39 minutes), nerfbars are a must! They keep your feet from turning into hamburger meat. AC Racing is known for exceptional aftermarket parts, and these nerfbars are no exception. These nerfs are lightweight and easy to install. ($190; http://www.acracing.com or call them at 714-808-8330)

3. IMS Fuel Tank

Thinking of running the Baja 1000? Well, then fuel is something you will need plenty of! Even one extra gallon can be the difference between fueling up 10 times instead of 15 and saving precious time. The IMS fuel tank will add an extra gallon of gas while still keeping a low profile. ($225; http://www.imsproducts.com or call 800-237-9906)

4. Fasst Flex Handlebars

The Fasst bars are made to provide the rider with the best performance and comfort available. They absorb almost all vibration, which reduces rider fatigue and makes it possible to ride harder and longer (a necessity for all Baja racers). ($299; http://www.fasstco.com or call them at 562-601-8119)

5. EFM Auto Clutch

After riding 500 miles and shifting between gears over a hundred times, you can be sure all the Baja riders have wished they could just sit back and let the tranny do all the work. An EFM Auto Clutch is just what they need! Although some work is still required. The EFM clutch automatically engages and disengages itself. It also leaves the manual lever intact, so if the need arises, the rider can take control. ($500; http://www.efmautoclutch.com or hit them up at 330-947-1700)

6. Ricky Stator Baja2 Light Kit

While racing through some of the roughest terrain and weather known to man, high-powered headlights are key to keeping your eyes focused on the track ahead. Ricky Stator has been a name known in the light industry for years. The nine-inch Maxtell lights, in conjunction with the powdercoated steel protective light bar, make for a durable yet affordable setup. ($249; http://www.rickystator.com or call for yours at 760-787-0094)

7. Scotts Performance Steering Damper

Steering dampers are a must-have when riding for even a few hours, let alone 39. Scotts Steering damper reduces rider fatigue by eliminating the sudden thrusts felt when navigating rough terrain. This particular damper is also adjustable on the fly, so while you’re out riding a thousand miles it can be fine-tuned to perfection. ($400; http://www.scottsperformance.com or call 818-248-6747)

8. CV4 Radiator Hoses

Ever have a radiator hose burst? It’s not fun. CV4 Silicone Radiator Hoses are specifically designed to endure extremes. They can withstand temperatures from -76 F to +428 F, and are made to handle even the nastiest impacts. While typically overlooked on most quads, the hundred bucks can be what stand between you and the finish line in Baja. ($112; http://www.cvproducts.com or call them at 800-448-1223)

8. HMF Ironman Performance Exhaust

No one races with a stock exhaust system these days, and running the Baja 1000 is no exception. Brown turned to the Ironman series from HMF to pull every ounce of power from his TRX450R. The Ironman increases horsepower on the top end and keeps the bottom end power and torque that HMF is known for. ($340; http://www.hmfengineering.com or call them at 866-HMF-PIPE)

9. LoneStar Axle

An axle on a quad takes an insane amount of abuse, and anyone who has run a Baja race knows axles are basically butter in that kind of terrain. LoneStar axles are backed by a lifetime warranty, which speaks for the quality of the product they put out. All LoneStar axles are adjustable from two inches under stock to one inch over stock width. ($420 http://www.lsracing.com or call them at 800-457-7223)

10. Elka Shocks

Nothing is worse than having a mediocre set of shocks on a quad, so for their reliability, wide range of use, and quality, Brown turned to Elka Suspension. Every Elka shock is custom-built for each customer according to the rider’s weight, riding style, and type of terrain. This setup can take a beating and provide a much smoother ride, making a thousand-mile trek more comfortable. (Front shocks $1,395, rear shock $995; http://www.elkasuspension.com or call your local Elka dealer)

11. Adapt Graphics Kit

As the final touches go into a quad, you can’t leave out the trick graphics. For a good-looking and affordable graphics kit, Brown headed to the guys at Adapt to hook him up with their latest TRX450R kit. No matter what terrain this quad is on, it will stand out from the crowd. (Graphics kit and seat cover $150; http://www.adaptracing.com or call them at 404-704-0419)

Courtesy http://www.quadmagazine.com/quad/features/article/0,24942,1601604,00.html

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