2006 rubicon swap with a trx400 forrman motor

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i got a 2006 trx500 rubicon with gps, but the top end is completely blown(head, cylinder piston,all broken) i not sure if the trans works anymore? i do have a foreman 400 motor, and was wondering if it is possible to do the swap. the engine design looks similar like engine mount location. the thing i am worried about is how similar are the output shafts? i know the 400 is not powerful, but its better than no quad, or parting out for a few buck$$$.

what are your guys opinion should i attempt it? or is it a pipe dream:aargh:

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Well, it sounds to me like the motor has to come out of the quad anyway. I would take it out, and compare everything side by side and make you decision based on what you see. Alot of those Honda utility motors are identical, and they have been generally the same for years. You may even be able to swap parts inside the gearbox to make it match up with your quad. If your 400 motor is sitting there doing nothing, and the other one is junk, I don't see what you have to lose by just checking it out, and seeing how it will work. Good luck to you, whatever you decide.

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