1992 Kawasaki 300 bayou 4x4

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so i bought this atv,needs a muffler,picked up a cobra muffler cheap ,do i need to rejet the carb,also i see that there is a CHAMBER-PREMUFFLER can i eliminate it

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Depends on the backprsssure of the cobra muffler. You will need to check with them. Do they have a site?

Congrats on the atv!

* Added manufacturer to thread title.

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thank u for info ,whent to there site could not find any info ,so i cut the pre muffler off and welded the hole ,repacked the cobra muffler with just pink insulation ,started it ran fine but a little loud,went and got some muffler mat packing ,will be packing the muffler with ss wool and then the muffler packing,hopeing that will not be as load

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