My trx450er 2005 no spark

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Hi friends have a problem with my atv¡¡ it no start moro because there isn't spark what will be¿

put a new spakr plug and nothing the swiths are ok¡

give me some idea plase.....

THE RESISTANCE IN NEXT WIRES I DONT KNOW IF IS OK (this wires are of stator which feed to the CDI)




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I have the actual shop manual so I can help you with all the resistance tolerances. But there was no TRX450ER in 2005. Only a TRX450R, I need to know what year you have to help. Is it a kick start quad or electric start?

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Thank you for help me¡¡ and yes this model only has a kick start for model put me see one more time on its labels

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My pleasure, if you can post a pic of your quad from the front view I can tell just from that.

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When I get home from work today I will look in the manual and see what I can find...

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