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GearUp2Go.com is pleased and very excited to announce its most recent partnership with PWD Off Road. An amazing organization, their purpose and commitment can be found within their Mission: “Paving the way for persons with disabilities to enjoy off road fun! The mission of PWD Off Road is to promote opportunities and provide supports for persons with disabilities and their families to participate in safe and legal off road ATV activities.”

GearUp2Go.com understands and shares the passion shared by all off road vehicle riders. We embrace this enthusiasm by not only providing excellent products and services but by also being involved in the off road community. We are constantly looking for partnerships like this one with PWD Off Road to support all who share this passion.

According to Darin J. Frye, the President of PWD Off Road, "We at PWD Off Road are very excited with our new partnership with GearUp2Go.GearUp2Go has graciously provided a sponsorship to PWD Off Road Organization that will greatly assist in our upcoming events and will provide opportunities to those with disabilities to enjoy the trails with us. There are great things to come in 2012 with our relationship with the great folks at GearUp2Go! We feel that GearUp2Go is a great company to deal with and offers great pricing on thousands of products! We thank you for joining our mission and paving the way for persons with disabilities to enjoy the great outdoors!"


WWW.GEARUP2GO.COMis a growth-oriented e-commerce retailer of top quality ATV, UTV, Snowmobile, and Watercraft accessories. The company continues to evolve to support the demands and desires of its customers from around the world. It prides itself on being entrenched in the powersports community and full understanding of the lifestyle of its customers. GearUp2Go.com will continue the process of innovation to become the market leader in retail powersports accessories.

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