1993 Polaris 300 4x4 only runs with choke on

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my 300 4 x 4 only runs with the choke out cold or hot.

can only keep it running at hi rpm.

cleaned carb, changed fuel and 2 cycle oil in free.

I mostly use it go plow snow.

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    • By Homestead
      My bayou was running. Turned it off. Went to start it again about 20 minutes later and nothing.... no electrical power. No lights, no neutral indicator light. Battery good. Jumped starter and it turns over but doesn't start. I'm not sure what the problem could be. Maybe ci igniter or rectifier?
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      If you keep the starter button down it will run alittle let off the starter and it dies ? HELP
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      Been a life long dream of mine to have a 4x4 and so now I've finally decided to put out the money to make it happen. My budget's 2,000 - 2,500 so obviously I'm looking for something used, and I'm writing in to ask you guys what I should be looking for a what I should avoid.
      I'll be using it mostly for just moderate trail riding and camping so it doesn't have to be a monster machine. Requirements are that it have a lot of potential rack space, automatic and be fully 4x4. So far after looking at a lot of offers I seem to be settling on some of the 2005-2007 Polaris Sportsman models. They seem to have some flexibility as to what type of components you can add on...racks, gun racks, etc.
      I'm fairly mechanically inclined and could probably do any maintenance or part upgrade outside of getting too deep into the motor.
      So what are some of the models I should be looking out for? And are there any I should be avoiding?
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      I have a 97 polaris sportsman 500 and the 4x4 dosent work in reverse. It works in forward high and low but when i put it in reverse it kicks out. Ive tried pushing the override button while engaging reverse but it still dosent work.any ideas would be greatly appriciated.thanks
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      Hello, I just purchased a 1998 400 explorer and it doesn't have awd in reverse. I have heard that the speedometer has something to do with this and this ATV has the speedo missing.
      Can I bypass the speedometer to get awd in reverse.
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