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I just ordered a bunch of goodies for my '10 420 rancher. I ordered a set of highlifter springs, a Big gun eco exhaust, wheel spacers, oil & filter, and a new sparkplug. i had noticed recently she was breathing hard on the top end, so hopefully this little tune up will fix that.

i will post pics of all the parts when they arrive. the exhaust is supposed to arrive tonight, and the spacers & tune up parts arrive tomorrow. unfortunately, my springs wont be here till next week.

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You will love the HL springs when they come in. It should add about a half inch of ground clearance depending on how warn your old springs are.

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You will love the HL springs when they come in. It should add about a half inch of ground clearance depending on how warn your old springs are.

i don't think my quad even has 200 miles on it. so it won't be a much of a lift, but the increased spring rate should make the handling a bit better, and it will improve the control with the plow attached.

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having a bit of camera trouble, a friend of mine is working on fixing it for me.

i did my oil & filter change, new spark plug, and installed the spacers and the exhaust on saturday. i am very surprised by how loud the exhaust is, but i'm getting used to it.

it did wonders for throttle response, my honda now wants to lift the front tires from a roll in 2nd gear. before i could get it to wheelie in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th by putting my foot on the rear rack and pulling up on the bars, but it would never try to wheelie all on its own using just throttle.

the spacers have made the handling quite a bit nicer, it feels much more stable on hard turns. it nearly eliminated the feeling that it wants to flip over.

i'm not sure which parts contributed to this, but there are several turns on the trail at my house where when it was very wet i could get it to hang the tail out in 3rd gear. now it will do it in 4th on those turns, and go sideways in 3rd nearly everywhere else.

i'm am really loving how much of an improvement these few things have made, can't wait to add some more power.

total mod list is as follows:

kenda bearclaw tires (24-8-12 front, 24-10-11 rear)

cycle country bear force 48" plow kit

uni filter

big gun eco es exhaust

tusk spacers (30mm front, 45mm rear)

edit: my friend just emailed me one of the pics i took, here it is:


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it will look and sound like a totally different bike !!

i wish i was more into the quads when i had my hondas in ontario, everything was kept

stock and now wish i had at least put an exhaust and bigger tires on them...

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it does feel like a new bike, i love it!! i wasn't able to install the springs using the spring compressor i had, so i ordered the highlifter part and it should be here tomorrow. i will post more pics once i get everything installed.

i did take some measurements before i removed the springs/shocks, and the current height in the front is 34.5" at the rack, and rear height is 36" at the rack. i will measure again after install, then again after a couple weeks of riding to see if they settle in slightly.

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well, last night i was bored, so i did a little experiment. i wanted to see how low it could go without breaking anything, so here is the result:


it has about 1" of clearance under the frame, even less with the skidplate attached. it is driveable like this, but due to the spacers the front tires rub the headlight buckets very slightly.

according to the ups website, my spring compressor arrives today, so i will install the springs tonight, and post some new pics tomorrow.

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hahaha, that is a great idea. i know a guy that does custom airride setups, and as soon as i told him i bought a quad he wanted to do air struts on it. i think it would be cool to do, but not to this bike, if i get another one i may consider it.

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so, i installed the highlifter springs. i like the way it handles big holes, dips, and jumps now. i took another measurement of the ride height, and the front is the same height, rear is up 1/4".

i will be posting pics once i get my camera back.

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ok, got some pics yesterday once the rain stopped here. i always wear my helmet and goggles when i ride, but for these pics i wasn't wearing it.





before anybody asks, i am a pretty big dude. 378lbs, 5'10. the honda handles my weight very well. i could only bottom out the suspension if i jumped it more than 3 feet high, now it won't bottom out of off a 5ft jump.

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