2004 Honda Foreman 450 - No 4 Wheel Drive

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hello... I have a foreman honda 2004 atv. I replaced a knucke. on the front left side,

... since then I can't get the four wheel drive to activate... is there something to check, that I might have knocked loose or something.... the wheel is working fine...and the bike runs good, the light comes one, on the switch..... four wheel won't engage...

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your welcome greenhorse.

a friend told me that some of the honda foremans had shear pins but forgot which years, he also said you might have differential problems.

how did the axle go? was it a hard hit or something?

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I was backing it out of the shed, I went about 10 ft. and I heard this ' klunk'!!! it was -10 at the time, then when I tried the four wheel drive, the light came on, but the front end, did not engage.

I think, there may be a bad boot, maybe ice got inside, and damaged something.

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