1984 Honda ATC 125m - Clutch Adjustment

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i have a 1984 Honda ATC125m. the clutch it slipping. i dont know jack about these things. im told there is a clutch adjustment screw under the right case cover. which way should i turn it to for the adjustment?

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Was looking for some info on the trans gears for this same bike, mine will engage and go a little bit but im talking 3mph. I adjusted the clutch but didnt ride it bc its 130am here. but just putting the bike in gear and pushing it, it seemed to have much more resistance so im hoping this solves my problem.

anyone else with input for my issue?

As for your clutch adjustment. sitting on the trike, on the right side of the case is a black rubber piece its circular. Just pull that off, its hard to rip. under that is a nut on a bolt with a flathead slot in it.

Take a 14mm socket and loosen the nut~ meaning just break it free where its hand loose.

Then use a open 14mm wrench to hold that same nut from tightening, and put a flat head through it and turn the bolt counter clock wise untill it gets stiffer. ( this is what i did, not sure if its the proper way it to turn it, it may be clockwise to get rid of clutch slack which is what your trying to do)

However i do know for a fact this is how u adjust the clutch, it has just been a while and i dont remeber which way to turn it.

To finish snug the nut back while holding the flathead to where you adjusted it to. Ride it and adjust as needed its kinda a something you have to play with and it takes 2mins to adjust when u know how to do it.

hope this helps!

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