1993 Honda Fourtrax 350 - Neutral Light

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I am having trouble with my 1993 fourtrax 350. My kids were riding it & forgot how to put it into reverse. I believe they were quite rough on the shift lever. Anyhow when they returned it to me the neutral light would not come on even though the quad was in nuetral, it was running and was able to drive and shift gears normally. When I shut the quad off is when all the trouble started. The quad is in neutral but the light won't come on therefore i cannot start it. When you turn on the key the oil light is on for a few seconds like it is supposed to be. I checked all the fuses & they appear to be normal. Any help & suggestions would be great.

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check the wire leading to the neutral safety switch, mine was broken on my yamaha big bear,

and as soon as i fixed it the light was back and it turned over ...


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Thanks to all who replied. Found that the neutral wire was loose. Tightened it up and it is all good.

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