2004 Suzuki Twin Peaks 700 Belt warning light

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Resetting Belt Warning Light

All the Kawasaki Prairies and Suzuki Twin Peaks "same thing" activates the belt warning light at or close to every 100 hours. The only other thing designed to activate the belt warning light is a belt deflection switch located in the drive belt cover. If the belt deflection trips the switch, you must remove the cover, adjust the belt and reset the switch. If the switch has not been tripped and the belt warning light is activated only because the machine has reached a 100 hour mark the following is the reset proceedure to get you going again without the annoying blinking light. If the belt deflection switch was tripped and reset after the belt adjustment you will still follow the below reset proceedure.

Early 03 models

1. Turn the ignition off.

2. Disconnect the Belt Failure Switch at the two-pin connector above the belt (cvt) cover.

3. Disconnect both sets of the five pin connectors located on the right side just below the shifter above the CVT cover. One plug is black and one is gray. The wires are held with a couple wire holders which are easily bent to release them.

4. Connect these five pin connectors to their opposite pairs, (black to gray and gray to black). Don't break them, they are sometime hard to get apart.

5. Turn the ignition switch on and let the belt warning light flash at least 7 seconds or longer then turn the ignition switch back off.

6. Reconnect the connectors back to their proper mates, (black to black and gray to gray).

7. Reconnect the Belt Failure Switch connector, (two-pin connector above above the belt cover.

On late 03, 04 and 05s do the above in this order. 1-3-4-5-2-6-7. I have successfully reset the light without unplugging the belt failure switch at all.

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