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Honeywell Universal Carbon Air Purifier Replacement Pre-Filter, HRF-AP1 / Filter (A)

Fits all Honeywell Round, QuietCare & SilentComfort Series air purifiers; 50000 series, 17000 series, 18150 series, 40100 series, 40200 series & HPA100,200,300 series consoles. (Does not fit HPA towers).. Helps deodorize the air and trap larger particles such as dust, lint, fibers and pet fur. Reduces common household odors with activated carbon. Replace every 3 months. Perforated design makes 1 to 8 pre filters depending on the model.

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K&N RG-1001RD Universal Chrome Filter

Designed to increase horsepower and acceleration. Includes inserts to fit three different flange diameters. High air flow with excellent filtration. Clamp-on washable and reusable air filter.

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K&N RE-0930 High Performance Universal Clamp-on Air Filter 3" Flange 6" Height

Designed to increase horsepower and acceleration. Hundreds of sizes and shapes for most applications. High air flow with excellent filtration. Clamp-on washable and reusable air filter. Pliable flanges absorb vibration and can be stretched up to 1/16 In. to fit in-between sizes.

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AUDEW 3"Air Intake Filter High Flow Dry Cone Cold Short Ram Universal 3-Color Choose

Universal Twin Cone Design. Increase air flow using the funnel effect. Can improve engine efficiency and fuel consumption. you can adjust from 76mm to almost any size (up to around 55mm) because of the strong metal jubilee clip. Package includes: 1 x Universal Carbon Finish Car Air Filter.

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