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Pyle PWD701 4-Button Remote Door Lock Vehicle Security System

2-four button transmitters - Remote panic mode - Anti-carjack - Horn honk output - Remote auto start. Status indicator LED - Remote chirp mute - 2 Auxiliary outputs - Remote keyless entry - Power window roll up. Valet / override switch - Remote sensor bypass - limited lifetime warranty - Illuminated entry - Additional Sensors: Glass break, microwave. 120dB 6-tone siren - Passive or active arming - OPTIONAL FEATURES - Remote trunk release - Back up battery. Dual stage impact detector - Flashing parking lights - Starter defeat - Hood and trunk protection.

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FJM Security SX-776 Cable Lock Alarm with Piercing 120 Decibel Siren

Versatile, pocket-sized combination lock and security cable. Simple to use, difficult for thieves to disarm. Self-retracting, cut resistant stainless steel cable (24 in). Piercing 120 decibel alarm activated when cable is severed or when the motion sensor is armed and triggered. LED indicator light displays alarm status. Resettable 4 digit lock (up to 10,000 combinations). Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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BlueFire® Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System Anti-Hijacking Cutting Off Remote Engine Start Arming Disarming

Work with any motorcycle with 12/24 Volt batteries. This electronic Anti-theft Alarm with remote controller can let your motorbike keep away from thieves. Automatic remote engine start; Adjustable Shock Sensor. Remote Arming/Disarming (Flashing lights warning/125db powerful siren warning). Emergency alarm: Anti-Hijacking by Cutting off Power Supply.

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Crimestopper SP-101 Deluxe 1-Way Alarm and Keyless Entry System

Crimestopper 1-way Car Alarm and Keyless Entry Security System. 500 feet of range, up to 1500 feet in optimum conditions. Remote key-less entry with programmable double unlock pulse. Emergency override/disarm feature allows to open door and override alarm if transmitter is lost. Two 4-button remote transmitters included. Used up to the range of 1500 feet. Audible and visual arm/disarm with intrusion alert. Trunk release plus 1 auxiliary output. Separate right and left side parking light output for European vehicles. Remote keyless entry with programmable double unlock pulse.

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