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StopTech 83.057.4300.54 High Performance Brake Kit Front Drilled/Coated Rotors

Performance. BrakeKit. Rotors.

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Sunlite 26'' Front Brake Kit

Sunlite 26'' Front Brake Kit.

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Sunlite 26'' Rear Brake Kit

The Sunlite 26'' Rear Brake Kit includes everything you need to install and operate a rear brake for your beach cruiser (also works for mountain bikes). This brake works well with cruisers and most mountain bikes, and includes brake pads, a brake lever, brake cable, and brake caliper. Installation is simple: just feed the brake cable in to the arm of the brake caliper. Tighten to the pull of the cable to the tension you're comfortable with, then clamp down to keep the cable's tension. Bolt the caliper's mounting stud through the rear brake port of the bicycle, mount your brake lever to the handlebars, and you're ready to ride. Great for standard and motorized bicycle builds.

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Currie JXJ8403X-K1, 84-01 Jeep XJ Cherokee Rear End with 11" Drum Brakes, Brake Lines, Parking Brake Cables, Axles, & Bearings, 1984 - 2001 Jeep Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, and Wagoneer, SWS

Currie Enterprises Rear End with 31 Spline Axles with Currie 11" Drum Brake Kit, Parking Brake Cable Kit, and Brake Line Kit for the applications below (Part #JXJ8403X-K1). Currie Crate Rear Ends are designed to be a bolt-in upgrade.. Fits: Jeep: 1984-2001 XJ Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, and Wagoneer, including Classic, Limited, and Sport. Built to the stock overall width (60 5/8") and pinion offset specs 60 5/8" is measured outside-of-axle-flange to outside-of-axle-flange, in other words, where the wheel bolts on to where the wheel bolts on.. These are 9" Ford center sections, so they do require a 9" Ford 3rd Member (sometimes referred to as a Chunk); if you don't currently have one, we do offer them in several ratios. The Axle flanges on this rear end are the Big Bearing Ford (New Style), also known as "Torino", which fit the Currie drums perfectly.. Currie 11" Hydraulic Drum Brake Kit (Currie Part #CE-6005AD): Currie brake kits consist of specifically engineered & matched groups of components designed to provide superior brake system performance & custom appeal over a wide range of applications..

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