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Rayhoo Wheat Car Vehicle Alloy Wheel Edge Rim Protector DIY Set 22 inch Black

Helps protect alloy wheel rims.In order to better fit the radian of the hub,developed an irregular half-moon arc deliberately,just for keeping the hub protection article fitting the radian of hub deeply, so that to provide better protection. TEP(thermoplastic elastomer) is a kind of material with high elasticity of rubber, high strength, high elasticity. It is non-toxic and environmentally safe,with excellent dyeing property, soft touch,weather fastness,fatigue resistance and heat resistance.. Fits wheels up to 22 inch. This Wheat Wheel Protector is suitable for different size of wheels.No matter your wheels are 15 inch or more(up to 22 inch), you can use this protector easily.. 100% AMAZON GUARANTEE,Wheat will replace products that have a manufacturing defect which can obviously be noticed prior to fitting. The responsibility for ensuring Wheat are fitted correctly lies with the customer and if you feel unable to fit this product correctly seek professional assistance. under specified refund policy .If you feel that this Wheat Wheel Protector is not what you love, you just return it to us.And we will offer you a full refund. At anytime.. PACK CONTENTS: Lengths of Wheat, Primer wipes, IPA wipes and roll of semi permanent VHB tape and fitting instructions leaflet. Also detailed fitting videos on you tube to assist.. Universal, lightweight and flexible.Easy to replace / Easy to fit.Wheat are fitted using the best quality Very High Bond (VHB) double sided acrylic foam tape available from 3M for an effortless and lasting bond that can also be removed easily leaving no damage to the wheel surface. The shape of the Wheat design curves around the edge of the double sided tape to protect it. The Wheat's design is both innovative and easy to use. A lip on the rear side acts as a fitting guide. Simply place around the very edge of the wheel for a perfect fit - all the way around the alloy. Wheat unique design shape will conform to fit virtually all shapes of alloy wheels including those with a flat or square face and those with a raised outer lip or a curved profile. There are a few aftermarket wheel designs available that have raised spokes extending to the lip. If wheels edges are not exposed then please deflates the tyres to tape around the edges as if tyres are not deflated then the rim edge will not stick properly. Do not use any object to remove or adjust the tyre edge as it can damage the product or finish..

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Set of 4 Chrome 15 Inch Universal 8 Spoke Replica of Toyota Corolla Hubcaps with Clip Retention System - Aftermarket: IWC450/15C

Made from high-impact automotive grade ABS. Durable finish resists extreme temperature and corrosion. Designed for Quick and Easy Installation. Patented Retention System. Complete set of four hubcaps.

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Brand New 20 Honda Accord Civic Replacement Alloy Wheels Rims for 2003 to 2013 Set of 4 Pcs

Brand New Set of 4 Wheels Rims. Included 4 Plain Center Caps. Not Included: Emblems, Lug Nuts, TPMS and Tire. RIM DIAMETER: 20", RIM WIDTH: 8", HUB BORE: 64.1, BOLT PATTERN: 5 X 114.3, OFFSET: 55. Finish: Machine Gun. Fits: All Models of Accord (2003-2013), Civic (2006-2013), CRV (1997-2013) and more. Questions on fitment? Ask our one of our wheel techs!.

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1 Piece New 15" White Hubcap Universal Wheel Cover Fits Most 15" Rims Hub Cap

Adjustable retention ring to assure maximum grip to wheel. Resistant to extreme temperature and corrosion. Manufactured of high quality materials for long lasting durability. This aftermarket wheel cover has a stylish and trendy design which will make your vehicle look fancy and refreshed. 9 spokes w 5 lug nuts. Basically it is able to be installed onto any vehicle model with 15" standard steel wheels. The white finish is shiny and bright. This product is rust-resistant, easy to clean and also resistant to temperature extreme and corrosion.. PLEASE NOTE : This listing is for 1 PIECE only tire is not included..

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