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Keeper 04304 E-Track Tie-Off 24"x 5", 2,000 lbs Working Load Limit

24" metal e-track. Easy application. World's best flat bed trailer tie-down system. Great for the transportation of vehicles. Must have item for car haulers.

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DC Cargo Mall 10-Pack Steel Circle O Rings w/ E Track Spring Fittings For Securing Cargo Loads by Anchoring Logistic Straps, Hooks, & Ropes to Tie-Down System Rails in Trailer, Trucks, & Vans

Pack of 10: Pack of 10: These TOP QUALITY 2" diameter round E TRACK O RING CARGO TIE-DOWN ANCHORS are made out of gold-colored SOLID STEEL that has an assembly break strength of 4,000 pounds and a SAFE WORKING LOAD LIMIT OF 1,333 POUNDS. EFFORTLESS TWO-SECOND INSTALLATION! Just press the lever on the E TRACK SPRING FITTING ATTACHMENTS and insert into slots on any horizontal or vertical E track rail; CAN BE REMOVED INSTANTLY. These VERSATILE O-RINGS TIE DOWN ANCHORS allow you to EASILY SECURE motorcycles, landscaping equipment, power tools, camping gear, delivery boxes, and other freight loads by ANCHORING CARGO TIE-DOWN STRAPS, LOGISTIC RATCHET AND CAM BUCKLE STRAPS, MOTORCYCLE TIE-DOWNS, BUNGEE CORDS, CHAINS, HOOKS, AND ROPES in your PICKUP TRUCK BED, BOX TRUCK, INTERIOR CARGO VAN, UTILITY OR FLATBED TRAILER, HAND TRUCK, AND ENCLOSED TRAILER as well as your garage, attic, warehouse, workshop, or other storage spot. These RELIABLE and DURABLE CARGO TIEDOWN ORING ANCHORS are PERFECT FOR CREATING custom tie down systems, using ropes to contain bundles of lumber or supplies, and anchoring S hook straps to tie-down motorcycles, bikes, and similarly valuable cargo loads. We offer quality personal customer service (based in USA) and a CONFIDENT 100% MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ON ALL OF OUR CARGO TIE DOWN PRODUCTS and accessories.

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E Track 5 ft. Horizontal Trailer Tiedowns - 10 Pieces

TEN pieces 5 ft long. All etrack is cardboard packaged to minimize shipping damage.. Forged in Ohio, USA. Powder coated in a gray color. This is also available in galvanized - search: 5ft Horizontal Galvanized. The E track is also available in a 2-pack, 3-pack, 4-pack, 6-pack, and 8-pack. Search accordingly.. 5" wide and 3/8" in depth. Constructed of 12 gauge steel.. 1/4" bolt holes used to secure the track are on 2" centers. "E" track slots are on 2" centers.

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Erickson 59136 Blue 2" x 12' Ratcheting E-Track Logistic Strap

The ratchet strap tie downs work great for securing cargo for transport. Ratcheting system to tighten strap around cargo. Strap is yellow webbed, durable and is 2 inches wide by 12 feet long. 3500 pounds load capacity, 1166 pounds WLL (Working Load Limit).

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