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Atv won't start
Posted On 08/18/2014 22:04:58 by Sikhdawg

hi guys I got in my atv after a week and it just won't start. It was perfectly fine when I left it and now it's not starting. It's a 2005 hOnda trx 400. Never been takEn to the dunes or anything. Just driving around my 3 acres. 

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2001 wolverine carb issue
Posted On 08/10/2014 00:48:03 by hutch

i have a 2001 wolverine 350, ripped the carb apart due to running bad, got alot of junk out of carb. Got it all cleaned out good and clean. Put it back on and got everything hooked back up. Started up real nice and easy, but the idle was way too high. Adjusted the throtle screw the whole way out and still idled high. What should I check or do now to get it to idle down??????????

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Cobra 200cc
Posted On 08/03/2014 20:34:43 by goingnuts

Hello, my son has a '05 or '06 atv. The only markings are on the side of the crankcase which reads Cobra 200cc.

The rear wheel are locked and we are trying to find the manufacturer and or a service manual. Any help would be


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Hdonda won'tsstart
Posted On 05/11/2014 13:38:28 by trai5

i have a h onda 1991fortres 300 and rode it up to the shop turned  didt off went to town and when i got back  won't start. checked plug, no spark, new plug, no spark, any suggestions

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07 honda rancher smokes
Posted On 05/07/2014 23:47:34 by kennelson1977

hey guys, any suggestions why my 07 honda rancher/fuel injected 2wd is smoking like atar kettle when you give it throttle? other than checking the crankcase breather which did have a dirt dobber in it. have not taken the top end off to check rings yet, was hoping it may be a smaller problem. any other suggestions out there?

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