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Suzuki Vension 500
Posted On 09/04/2014 00:10:04 by lstine73

Hello all!! New to this site, but a desperate call out for help to avoid high repair bill. A "friend" of mine who was drinking decided to take my 4wheeler for a ride. Needless to say, he didn't seem to understand the you have to press in the brake to change gears. Not HAPPY. Now my ride will only go into Park and H. WHAT parts should I be looking at replacing. I have not tore it apart yet, and looking for advice as where to even start. Any ideas are appreciated!!!! And before anyone asks, NO... Read More

Posted On 09/02/2014 22:17:20 by GATOR4836

It is that time of year agin, when we head west to the Rocky Mountain jamboree, in Richfield, Utah.

If you have never been out to ride the Piaute Trail system, then you are missing a grand experience.  The trail system goes from the desert floor to over 12,000 feet.  Thru all kinds of terrian, forests, hills & valleys with an aboundant of wildlife.  You can ride for a week and never run the same trails twice.

We are taking our CanAm 800 XT Max 2 up machine. &n... Read More

1990 yamaha warrior 350 stuck in gear
Posted On 09/01/2014 20:14:27 by mud_slut95

new to this, i have a 1990 yamaha 350 warrior i got for free. its stuck in a gear. i put a new clutch in and clutch cable. and when i pull in the clutch it wont allow mw to roll the wheeler. any suggestions.

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Atv won't start
Posted On 08/18/2014 22:04:58 by Sikhdawg

hi guys I got in my atv after a week and it just won't start. It was perfectly fine when I left it and now it's not starting. It's a 2005 hOnda trx 400. Never been takEn to the dunes or anything. Just driving around my 3 acres. 

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2001 wolverine carb issue
Posted On 08/10/2014 00:48:03 by hutch

i have a 2001 wolverine 350, ripped the carb apart due to running bad, got alot of junk out of carb. Got it all cleaned out good and clean. Put it back on and got everything hooked back up. Started up real nice and easy, but the idle was way too high. Adjusted the throtle screw the whole way out and still idled high. What should I check or do now to get it to idle down??????????

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