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10/14/2012 00:00:18
hey swampcat. my fiancee seen my comments  on ox's orient posts and some other stuff she got pretty up set so i had to quit being on the site or she was going to leave. so i chose her. 

  From: wylde1
08/01/2012 05:10:17

Wow you tore it up on that contest, congrats on the win.

  From: zancat
07/31/2012 23:44:39
Not unless you want to buy a lemon. It smokes on start up until it gets warm. I'm guessing it's the rings, but I don't know. It goes through plugs like candy, because of that. And the engine putters out on idle and 1st gear. I have to keep feeding it gas to stay alive. All you do, is put money into it.

  From: wylde1
07/24/2012 06:17:43
thanks for all the comments, I appreciate that. It gave me something to do when I got home from work.  

  From: Hondagirl
05/24/2012 17:09:27
Thank you so much ;)

04/10/2012 00:50:08
thanks for the comments. nice to get feedback from other riders

  From: exramboatv
02/02/2012 05:28:00
well i found out what was wrong with my a.c.  behind the key up in the dash box, wire was undone

  From: wylde1
01/06/2012 23:10:34
thanks for the invite I definately approve

  From: pgburns
12/22/2011 15:15:51
Thanks! Looking forward to getting back out and riding!!! 

  From: Ajmboy
10/10/2011 11:54:29
Happy Birthday!

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