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    • Now you need to look at the schematic. I attached it. The position sensor's output is routed into the CDI box, out of that it goes to the coil to produce the spark. The actual output from the sensor might not be the issue, it is a trigger signal to the CDI to produce an output voltage to the coil. If I remember right, its around 350 volts. (your service manual will tell you this) I was troubleshooting a 2010 366 two weeks ago for hard starting issues and remember testing the coil. You need to be able to first measure the position sensor's output when your cranking and when it finally starts, does the voltage change? Next, check the primary side of the coil, the procedure is in the manual as well, but you need a meter that can record the peak voltage since its not a constant output. You need to see if the output from the CDI is changing when your cranking to when it finally catches and starts. Although you said you have a new battery, I would have it load tested to verify, places like Autozone will do it for free.  As a quick test, connect jumper cables from your quads battery to a vehicle battery BUT DO NOT START THE VEHICLE! Then try to start the quad. The increased cold crank amps will tell you if its the battery. On a side not, check battery connections and such for corrosion. Since its an older machine, going over the connections and cleaning them and adding some dielectric grease would be a good idea, voltage could be dipping down due to resistance caused by corrosion. EFI machines are finicky when it comes to voltage.  You can get some electronic contact cleaner spray and dielectric grease at any auto parts store.   Mike  
    • Saw this in the news...was this anyone here?????  🤔 13 ATVs and dirt bikes impounded from N.J. wildlife area. Riders face list of charges. State officials charged several people with various violations and impounded their ATVs and dirt bikes last weekend from the Greenwood Forest Wildlife Management Area in Ocean County, authorities said. Police officers with the state’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation were investigating illegal off-road vehicle use in the management area on Saturday, July 25 when two ATV riders tried to flee, officials said. When officers caught up with them, they issued summonses for criminal obstruction, interference with the duties of a conservation police officer, and violations of wildlife management area use. The two ATVs were impounded, police said. The next day, a group of ATV and dirt bike riders from northern New Jersey drove past several “NO ATV” signs posted in the wildlife area known as “clay holes.” Clay holes, or “blue holes” are former gravel or sand mines filled with water. They are popular, although dangerous, destinations for teenagers and adults looking to beat the summer heat. Officers issued summonses to the riders for illegally operating off-road vehicles and for driving unregistered vehicles. They also wrote tickets for illegal swimming, possession of alcohol and entering a restricted area. In all, 13 ATVs and dirt bikes were impounded. The owners are facing fines starting at $274, and impound, towing and storage fees of at least $300, conservation police said. In a statement, police said “only registered, insured, street-legal vehicles are permitted in Wildlife Management Areas. Vehicles may only be operated on established roads and parking areas.” This is from: https://www.nj.com/ocean/2020/08/13-atvs-and-dirt-bikes-impounded-from-nj-wildlife-area-riders-face-list-of-charges.html 
    • So I’ve got a 400ex with a dg slip on and it’s super loud (louder than you would think for a slip on) and it’s annoys my neighbors and just everyone in general. So I would like to know who makes the quietest exhaust for it. I have the stock muffler but I’d rather sell it than put that back on. thanks! 
    • Hi Mike, Reading on the coil did not include the plug cap, the cap did check good on its own. I replacement coil did not include the plug cap.  I have a spark checker in line, when it wont start it does not have spark or very week spark. When it does start after it is running it has a very strong spark, why would it change that much? It is a new battery and voltage stays up. I have even tried keeping it on a battery tender to make sure battery is topped off.  How does the position sensor trigger the spark, if it is only putting out 2 volts and should be 5 volts is this going to give me a week spark, meaning does this voltage what is powering the coil?   I have not checked fuel pressure, but i do smell gas after a bit of cranking.  will try to attached pictures again.  Thanks  
    • When you replaced the coil, did you buy the whole unit (including the spark plug cap?) or just the coil? I would measure the resistance of the cap only. You mentioned a 20K reading which is high for the coil, but if your including the cap, that will throw the reading off. Your attachments were too small to read. Looks like your stator is outputting as it should. I would check the regulator. Once the machine is started, check the voltage to make sure it does not exceed 15 volts. High voltage will cause EFI machines to act weird. I have not known of issues with the stator and position sensors. One test you can do is when it does not want to start, pull the spark plug and verify you do indeed are getting spark. Another thing to check is your fuel pump, make sure you have enough PSI for the injector. Since your machine is older, I would suspect the fuel pump is not providing enough PSI for the injector to work. Mike  

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