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    • dig it - thanks dave.  feel free to add any advice on the topic at hand!  i'm a newbie with zero ATV experience
    • You  can  get  flexible screwdrivers .  Walmart  carries  several  different takes on them according to  the  hit on this search. https://www.walmart.com/c/kp/flexible-screwdrivers
    • the smoke has calmed down - it's idling pretty good but still rough - no leaking under the machine - engine not overtly-hot after about 10 minutes of running - the whining noise has abated when I press throttle it bogs down a good bit - I even advanced it slowly but it bogged down about 1/4 of the way in -- when I stopped the engine and let it set for 2-3 minutes, it would start w/ no issues, I could open the throttle all the way and it would howl... but then I'd let it idle, try to push the throttle and it would bog down again I let it set for 10 minutes, had to press throttle to get it to run, it idled for about a minute before cutting off to adjust the needle valve, I've either got to remove the carb every time or bend the end of an old slot head screwdriver 90 degrees and hope this works - that's gonna be challenging I was able to open the movie attachment above w/ windows media player - unsure if you'll be able to
    • Your doing great brother. Its not rocket science just old rusted stuff that needs to be freed up again. Keep up the good work 
    • Ok, kind of what I thought but can honestly say I’ve never really messed with drum brakes before so wasn’t 100% sure.  Will lube it all up this weekend and hopefully get it put back together.

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